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The Foundations of Falcon 1 Karate

Falcon 1 Karate has developed a system of 7 core concepts of self defense developed with the end in mind. That end is based around forming a habit of mindfulness at all times towards self defense. Our students learn to be aware of their surroundings, read body language, and diffuse tense situations before they become physical. These lessons can be applied for both children and adult situations. 

Some great examples:

  • The 3Ls, The keys to being successful - Look, Listen, and Learn: Focus and respect are the foundation of Learning. If we look at our parents, teachers, sensei when they are talking to us, we will listen, and if we listen, we will learn! This is also essential to self defense. The more aware we are of other's body language, how they speak and act around others, and the atmosphere of certain locations, the better we can avoid problem situations. 

  • What comes out of a bully's mouth? Air!: Most physical confrontations begin with angry or disrespectful words between individuals. This does not need to be so! We teach all our students both young and old that the only thing that comes out of a bully's mouth when they say mean things is air. No punches, kicks, or bricks come flying out of their mouth. Words cannot hurt you! Instead of becoming upset, calling names back, or lashing out physically, we say "have a nice day and see you tomorrow" and walk away or find another way to diffuse the tense situation so physical confrontation is avoided.

  • "Hard day? Easy Day!" Perseverance: We all have challenges in life and go through things that make us just want to give up. Perseverance is essential to success at any endeavor. We help our students develop a can-do attitude in all things. It does not matter if it is standing up to a bully, completing a big project due for class, or mastering a challenging karate technique. Perseverance is a choice to overcome! If children learn from an early age that adversity is not an excuse to quit, they will carry that attitude into adulthood and be able to defeat obstacles and accomplish great things!

Bully Proof         Confidence        Respect        

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