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Teenage/Adult Class

The Teenage/Adult program at Falcon 1 Karate uses the Isshin-Ryu Karate system as a foundation with a blend of traditional Okinawan and modern training methods/equipment. The 7 Concepts of Self Defense is our guide to understand the practicality of karate movements and principals. Our goal is to ensure that each student understands how to practically use their karate in a real self defense situation. 

Classes Include:

  • Basic and advanced karate techniques including blocks, punches and kicks 

  • Kata and their Bunkai applications for self defense

  • Free Sparring (light contact) to better apply the basics and Kata with a resisting partner

  • Self Defense techniques and scenarios on how to escape and avoid dangerous situations

  • Point Sparring to learn how to spar in a competitive fashion to score points with a judge

  • Discussions on the Okinawan culture and Karate history

  • Kobudo weapons training with the ancient weapons of Okinawa including the Staff, Sai, Tonfa and Nunchaku

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