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Youth Karate Classes

Preschool (Ages 3-4 yrs old)

Our Preschool classes are 30 minute lessons designed with the goal of helping preschool aged children develop proper motor skills and mindset to be successful as they prepare for Kindergarten. We place special emphasis on self control and listening to instructions as well as learning to use each limb of their body in karate movements. This helps build a good mind-body connection as they grow.

Some benefits of starting karate training early for your child!

  • Increased focus and attention span

  • Improved balance, motor skills and coordination

  • Building character values such as discipline, respect, perseverance

  • Learning to respond to commands from teachers and parents the first time


Youth  (Ages 5-10 yrs old)

Our youth classes provide a challenging environment where children are encouraged to improve themselves every day! It is a great experience for a parent to hear their child speaking up "YES SIR!" and "YES MA'AM!" in class while they respond to commands quickly. The students form a bond of unity around a shared goal of achieving their BLACK BELT and push themselves to accomplish it. They will learn to overcome obstacles on the way gain confidence each step of the way as they see themselves growing in their abilities. They will develop life skills that can last a lifetime!

Benefits of our Youth Karate program:

  • Perseverance through challenges

  • Learn how to handle bullies in a positive way

  • Building character values such as discipline, respect, accountability

  • Physical development

  • Goal setting

  • Improved Confidence

  • A fun and challenging martial arts education

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