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Karate in Northport

Karate in Northport

Falcon1 Karate provides Karate in Northport from pre-k through elementary school and beyond.  Students learn from Sensei Michael Lander, a lifelong student of karate who helps his students build the physical and mental discipline to be successful in their learning.


Falcon1 Karate is built upon the longstanding traditions that began with master Jon Lee.

Sensei Michael trained under master Lee, learning the principles and techniques that he applies in his own teachings today. Whether students are practicing in their schools or in the Falcon1 dojo, they will learn effective self-defense, mental and physical strength, and confidence in their new skills under Sensei Michael's instruction.

Weekly lessons cover instruction in self-defense techniques, strategies to avoid physical confrontation, as well as exercises to enhance the students' skill and ability. With each lesson, the students of Falcon1 Karate in Northport advance further in their learning journey. With continued practice and persistence, they will advance through the ranks to achieve more and more advanced results.

The lessons the students learn at Falcon1 Karate in Northport will go beyond the study of martial arts and self-defense. The discipline they learn serves them in both academics and their careers. They will discover that hard work, practice, and consistency are the best ways to accomplish the rewards in life that truly have meaning.

Students of Falcon1 Karate in Northport are better prepared for the challenges, both physical and mental, that they will encounter in life. They will have the courage to face difficulty and overcome obstacles. They will be more determined to not give up and will reach the goals they set for themselves.

This early practice will set a positive path for them for the rest of their lives. Starting early, and continuing a practice of disciplined study of Karate in Northport is a powerful way to develop character and positive attitude.

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